Friday, December 16, 2011

Winner, Winner, On the Newspaper!


That's right! Remember my Heroines Tourney Contest? Well, we have a WINNER!! :D WOOT!

And the winner of a (her choice) photo-editing for TWO pictures is...

Yay! I have e-mailed Amanda, and if she doesn't respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.

Also: Some of you may be wondering about my #AuraFTW contest. Well... Aura... lost... :( But!!! I'm so proud of Team Aura! We were only about 40 votes behind Kaylee of Soul Screamers. It was a "well-fought and extremely close" match, as said by the YA Sisterhood. It's alright. Why?

Because TEAM KILT BOWS TO  NO ONE! And we're bringing Zachary Moore to victory next summer. Just. you. watch.

That's it for the short update! Sorry for being MIA lately--schoolwork, work, too much work... pick your reason. But, I'm back regularly for Winter Break.

Happy Holidays!
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