Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)!

It's been an amazing year, you guys. I started my blog this year, and I met so many amazing people on this roller-coaster ride of a journey! (Special shout-outs to Brooke, Amy & Jen, Jeri, Jazmin, Ida, and everyone else!)

And it certainly hasn't been an easy year--but with this brilliant community, I survived through it all, and I can't thank you guys enough for that. You all really are amazing, and that's why I blog, you know? I'm so thankful for each and everyone one of you. :)

Here's a quick little video I made (my voice doesn't really sound like that, nor do I presumably resemble a panda):

Merry Christmas from Juli!
by: JustJuliHelms

Love you all! 

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