Saturday, March 30, 2013

Deadly To Love Tour Stop: Teasers + Giveaway!

Hey y'all! Today, I'm excited to be presenting some teasers from Mia Hoddell's Deadly to Love. But the teasers aren't all Mia's offering--there will also be a giveaway at the end of this post for a copy of Deadly to Love and swag! Awesome, yeah?

So what exactly is Deadly to Love?

Deadly to Love (Elemental Killer #1)Deadly to Love
By: Mia Hoddell
Series: Elemental Killers

There is a love that is so dangerous, so powerful, so intoxicating that it embraces your heart and smothers your mind until it leaves you defenseless.

Serena knew that but still, it didn't stop her. His name was Kai. He was the most beautiful, irresistible man she had ever encountered. Their attraction was too compelling to fight and she knew she would go to the end of the world beside him. That is love.

However behind the allure was hidden a deadly secret – a secret that threatened her fragile life... But secrets best left unsaid never remain hidden forever. When Kai reveals his true identity, she is exposed to a frightening world she had no idea existed. Controlled by powerful Elemental forces her life is placed in mortal danger.

Unbeknown to them, their lives have been entwined from the beginning and it leads her to discover an even greater secret about who she really is. As the pieces begin to unravel and death becomes a reality, Serena is forced to decide what is more important...her love or life.

-Summary provided by author
Purchase: Amazon (e-book) || (e-book) || Lulu (paperback)


Teasers from the book

He started to walk back towards me,his expression cautious, like a hunter who was trying not to spook its prey. I hated to admit it but he was right ~Page 27 

Slightly unnerved by the image, I laid the camera on my desk, breaking the compulsion the image had over me ~Page 44 

He glared at me as he stood up, brushing himself off but I barely spared him more than a glance. My attention was focused on Kai, his performance had scared me a little ~Page 142 

“What are you doing? What’s going on?” The hand that wasn’t holding onto me was reaching behind him and fumbling in his bag for something.

“Just stay quiet,” he insisted as he pulled a gun out of the bag he had brought with us. ~Page 173 
His gaze was focused on something out of the window closest to me on his left. Holding a finger up to his mouth he signalled for me not to speak as he cut the headlights. ~Page 297

Thanks to Julianna for hosting me on her wonderful blog and remember to check out Deadly to Love and the rest of the tour stops here:!


Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading and her preferred genre is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance. Before 2009, Mia wouldn't even pick up a book and was more interested in sports. However she finally found some novels that captured her interest and developed a love of both reading and writing. Mia began with poems and after getting two published in separate anthologies she moved on to short stories. Although she enjoyed this, Mia found she had too much to tell with too little space, so later on she created her first series The Wanderer Trilogy and from there other ideas have emerged which she hopes to turn into novels as well. Elemental Killers is her second series and book two will be out soon.

Find Mia Online: Blog || Twitter || Facebook || Goodreads

Mia is generously giving away one e-book copy of Deadly to Love through Amazon Kindle (Int.) and one pack of Deadly to Love (UK only) swag away! Just enter using the Rafflecopter forms below. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

30 Reasons Why You Should Be A YA Bookworm

Earlier today I saw on Facebook that Nathan Bransford posted a link to this awesome post. It's obviously a fabulous, fabulous post, but the conspicuous lack of YA titles is slightly depressing. So I decided to make my own 50 Reasons You Should Be A Bookworm post, but with a YA twist (and just 30 books, because my computer freezes when I upload too many pictures onto a blog post). ^.^ (And of course, feel free to contribute in the comments below!)

What is YA, anyways?
YA is a genre of literature; the abbreviation for "Young Adult". These books are typically about teens and targeted for teens, but I hope the following 30 reasons will convince you why YA is never a "teens-only" esoteric specialty! 

1. We know the feeling of love-at-first-sight.

2. We know how to wield a chainsaw katana. BAMF.

3. We can talk to dragons.

4. We know how to trick the government.

5. We know our spellz. (You might say this is MG, but the later books, at least, are also YA.)

6. We don't judge sexual orientation. (And we are loud and proud.)

7. We know that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.

8. We know that intelligence is beautiful.

9. We know bravery.

10. We know badassery.

11. We know that sometimes words are all that we need.

12. We know that sometimes the thing/person we need has always been with us.

13. We know how ugly wars can get.

14. We know that sometimes myths are more tangible than they seem.

15. We know how to survive a plane crash.

16. We know that animals are just as deserving of impenetrable morality as the rest of us.

17. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

18. We know that sometimes good doesn't win.

19. We know that bullying is not okay.

20. We know how terrible and addictive and lunatic growing up can be. And we rejoice and cry in surrender to it.

21. We can immerse ourselves in other cultures.

22. We know that technology is both a blessing and a curse.

23. We know that ghosts aren't always as dead as we think them to be.

24. We know that the villain isn't always a person.

25. We know that sometimes the best thing to do is to lose yourself in another world.

26. We know that there is a monster inside every one of us.

27. We know that happily-ever-after is often a mirage.

28. We know that the hardest thing to steal once it's lost is trust.

29. We know that the world can be an ugly, terrifying place.

30. And of course, we know how to fight back.

Clearly, you are missing out if you've yet to read the majority (or ANY) of these books. Being a YA bookworm is like a sacrificial ritual: you give up part of yourself so that words can fill that empty, empty place inside your heart. And you know, books are the best type of drug.

What did I miss? Did I do okay? And more importantly--are YOU a YA bookworm?
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BBTC Awards

Hey you guys!

So um, it turns out that I was nominated for the Overachiever Award for Parajunkee's BBTC (Book Blogger Twitter Con)! Obviously you don't have to vote for me, and there are a lot of fabulous people on that list. I'm honored to be considered. ^.^ But this post is really for if you ARE on the fence and want to know why you should vote for me. So uh, I've... included a handy list below of my "qualifications"?

404820 543827968985344 2102948518 n 300x287 Overachiever Book Blogger
(Note: I wasn't going to do this, because goodness how annoying is it when people just brag and brag? But I know I'd like to see some "qualifications" to make sure I'm voting for someone who actually knows their stuff, so I'm really sorry for the "boasting" that's to follow. T.T Please don't hate me.)

1) I'm a teen with three jobs. (Two full-time, one part-time)
3) I taught myself college-level computer science and designing. (Coding, graphic design, web design, branding, etc.)
4) Since I'm a teen, I, you know, kinda have to go to school full-time too.
5) I am #1 academically in my graduating class.
6) I've won national awards in chemistry, speech & debate, writing, music, etc.
7) I started my first business when I was 12, won a very major prize when I was 13 (not gonna say which prize, since that means revealing my alter ego's identity), and invested in my first stock market project when I was 14.
8) I play 6 instruments (piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, zither, and bagpipes).
9) I am pretty much fluent in 4 languages (Mandarin, English, French, Latin) and I'm learning German and Japanese.
10) I have this blog thingy.
11) I run a fansite.
12) My parents are really busy with work, so I basically do all the housework around the house and take care of my little brother.
13) I am an IB diploma student.
14) I have a "band".
15) I volunteer at the library, with the Obama Administration, and am a trendsetter at Paper Lantern Lit.
16) I'm in 10 clubs and I do some work with Habitat for Humanity (build houses for people who, for whatever reason, can't afford construction workers and such).
17) I'm in speech & debate, musical theatre, and choir.

^I think that's it? (LOL yeah I get about an hour of sleep a day. BRB dying.)

But I mean, honestly? None of that really matters. I'm really thankful that you guys just thought of me at all. It's a privilege to be nominated, and no matter what, I love you all. :) <333 I know I've been a bit absent lately (as you can see why... :P) but I promise promise I'll make more time for blogging as soon as this science fair thing is done.

Thank you so much, and keep on rockin'! \m/
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