Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BBTC Awards

Hey you guys!

So um, it turns out that I was nominated for the Overachiever Award for Parajunkee's BBTC (Book Blogger Twitter Con)! Obviously you don't have to vote for me, and there are a lot of fabulous people on that list. I'm honored to be considered. ^.^ But this post is really for if you ARE on the fence and want to know why you should vote for me. So uh, I've... included a handy list below of my "qualifications"?

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(Note: I wasn't going to do this, because goodness how annoying is it when people just brag and brag? But I know I'd like to see some "qualifications" to make sure I'm voting for someone who actually knows their stuff, so I'm really sorry for the "boasting" that's to follow. T.T Please don't hate me.)

1) I'm a teen with three jobs. (Two full-time, one part-time)
3) I taught myself college-level computer science and designing. (Coding, graphic design, web design, branding, etc.)
4) Since I'm a teen, I, you know, kinda have to go to school full-time too.
5) I am #1 academically in my graduating class.
6) I've won national awards in chemistry, speech & debate, writing, music, etc.
7) I started my first business when I was 12, won a very major prize when I was 13 (not gonna say which prize, since that means revealing my alter ego's identity), and invested in my first stock market project when I was 14.
8) I play 6 instruments (piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, zither, and bagpipes).
9) I am pretty much fluent in 4 languages (Mandarin, English, French, Latin) and I'm learning German and Japanese.
10) I have this blog thingy.
11) I run a fansite.
12) My parents are really busy with work, so I basically do all the housework around the house and take care of my little brother.
13) I am an IB diploma student.
14) I have a "band".
15) I volunteer at the library, with the Obama Administration, and am a trendsetter at Paper Lantern Lit.
16) I'm in 10 clubs and I do some work with Habitat for Humanity (build houses for people who, for whatever reason, can't afford construction workers and such).
17) I'm in speech & debate, musical theatre, and choir.

^I think that's it? (LOL yeah I get about an hour of sleep a day. BRB dying.)

But I mean, honestly? None of that really matters. I'm really thankful that you guys just thought of me at all. It's a privilege to be nominated, and no matter what, I love you all. :) <333 I know I've been a bit absent lately (as you can see why... :P) but I promise promise I'll make more time for blogging as soon as this science fair thing is done.

Thank you so much, and keep on rockin'! \m/
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