Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wowza Palooza and the doobly-doos*

Can you believe it? This is my 101th post!!! O.O

Well, I think this calls a celebration.

I shall direct you all to the absolutely fantastic Farrah Penn and her post on positivity that will totally make your life.

(I have to keep this blog post short, because I'm working on my last debate case right now.) You want to know something?

Blogging is hard.

Or, I guess I should really say, quality blogging is hard.

I never knew this before I started blogging, but we have to try and express our enthusiasm without completely overwhelming the reader. We have to say something negative in a way that doesn't bash the author/their fans/their work. We have to constantly come up with new material to write about that people would actually be interested in. (Well, unless you're Logan Lerman. Then I'll always be interested in whatever you write.) (No, wait, if it's about your girlfriend... yeah, never mind. I retract that statement.)

But! So! I still blog! I still write even though this post tells you all about how hard writing is. I still debate, play basketball, keep up my 4.0 GPA, and such! People often ask me how the heck I do this... well, positivity. And a lot of all-nighters. Seriously.

So yeah. I know this isn't like, heavenly wisdom and whatnot, but y'all know I need to get this case done so I might actually sleep today. Besides, I'm not so wise, anyways. That's why I gave you all those links. :)

*Which reminds me: NERDFIGHTERIA!!
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