Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why I shouldn't make promises

*Update: Contest is now over!*

So yesterday, I made a silly little promise that I knew was going to have to happen anyway...

In case you've been living in Antarctica, the YA-Sisterhood is hosting a tournament of (plug your ears!) fictional heroines... and Aura from the SHADE trilogy made it in!! :D

So... yeah. I'm hosting a giveaway. An AWESOME (at least I hope so) giveaway.

Now I have to first make a disclaimer that I am not an expert at this, but... the winner will get some really cool stuff.

Like, a free design. By me. If you... want one. *smiles sheepishly* (Blogger only. Sorry.) I won't be making full templates (maybe later on in the tourney), but I can, if you want, make headers/buttons or just stuff like this:
Yeah. I said I wasn't an expert, but I promise I can do some cool things! (Most of my designs are saved on this one flash drive that I can't find right now, so, the previews are limited!)

Now let's say you don't have a blog/website. No problem! I can photo-edit for you, too!

Perhaps you would like to make your photograph look more like art? Like paint? Or just give it some COOL effects?

Perhaps you would like to combine different photographs together to create something OUT OF THIS WORLD? 

Or perhaps you want to change the weather? Add some snow? Rain? Wind?

But let's say you don't want either. How about some Alaskan beauty?

 I know. It's totally like paradise. <3

Or maybe you just want some nature shots, regardless of where?

This was NOT edited. Just the photograph.

So, see anything you like? Yes, no, maybe? If you're interested, and you promise to vote for Aura, you may enter. :)

Here are the extra entries:
+3 if you follow my blog
+1 if you share this on Twitter
+1 if you share this on Facebook
+5 if you share this on your blog/website
+1 if you share this anywhere else

This entry will run from today (11/24/11) until December 12th, 2011!  

Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor! :)

P.S. None of the pictures are mine except for the last two. The others ones I simply edited but am not responsible or copyrighted for their illustrations and/or photographs. If you are the artist/photographer of the original photograph and you do not wish for the photos to be used, please let me know and I will be more than happy to remove them.
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