Saturday, November 26, 2011

1 Little Adventurist Book

13 Little Blue Envelopes
By: Maureen Johnson
Reported by: Julianna Helms
When Ginny receives thirteen little blue envelopes and instructions to buy a plane ticket to London, she knows something exciting is going to happen. What Ginny doesn't know is that she will have the adventure of her life and it will change her in more ways than one. Life and love are waiting for her across the Atlantic, and the thirteen little blue envelopes are the key to finding them in this funny, romantic, heartbreaking novel. 

-Summary from Goodreads

To sum up my feelings for this book: I am now stalking watching Maureen's twitter feed more than before (and the amount I was um, stalking her before was already quite alarming, truth to be told).

13 Little Blue Envelopes is a hilarious journey that travels with heart and ambition. Ginny is a realistic teen protagonist who I related to instantly, and her struggles to find her way in foreign countries gripped me on to her story. The amazing past she discovers of her Aunt Peg is truly fascinating as well, and I know that I will definitely be reading The Last Little Blue Envelope.

Maureen portrays angst, determination, and fear brilliantly. I plunged into the book with no expectations, but if I had any expectations at all, this book surpassed it. I loved the beautiful, wonderful and exotic locations this book took place at. While I wish the romantic side of this novel was expressed more, this is a novel about finding yourself at its core, and spice isn't a necessary ingredient to make this novel shine.

Candidly, I usually gravitate more toward darker books. But even though this book didn't leave me with a feeling of absolute amazement, it drew me to lighter books with heart as well, and that's what's the most important thing of all.
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  2. I'm glad you liked it, I just bought this book this week ! Now I have to stared reading it.

    I didn't realize it was a series.

  3. @Jess I didn't either, until my friend told me. :) I hope you like it!


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