Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry Thanksgiving!

Colorful pumpkins in fall Free Photo
(sung to the tune of Deck the Halls)
'Tis the season to eat yummy
turkey and potatoes with gravy.
Please have a happy Thanksgiving
with family and friends, it's time to sing.

Now I know what you are thinking,
it's not Christmas it's Thanksgiving!
But I say we stick with spirit,
holidays are here, let's show our wit.

I am grateful for many things,
you and books and basically everything.
Music makes my life interesting
so many thanks for everything.

Now's the time to be quite grateful
this is only celebrated once a year!
Hugs and high-fives are encouraged
and eat lots, too! Whoops and cheers.

Thank you to my family and friends
for being there for me, though I digress.
Really, you all rock my socks off
and you deserve much more, than just a song.

Now let us join together
and sing this song of praise and thanks!
I am grateful for all of you
happy Thanksgiving, and please stay true.

Yes, I did just come up with all of those lyrics. Yes, I meant every word. Yes, you may use this and sing it, but please do credit back to me. :)
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