Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sapient Sundays

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Bonjour! I got this idea to do a "philosophical" meme, and since Sundays are... very.... moral (for lack of better word), what better day to discuss the meaning of life than on the day before you have to go back to school?

Alright, so, this meme is pretty easy. I ask a philosophical question, and you post an answer to it on your blog. Be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments, so I can check out your answer!

This week's question is...

Why do we become jealous, and is it right?

My answer: Personally, I believe that there is no reason to be jealous. We tend to become jealous because others have things we don't have, and we want those things for our own. But what a lot of people tend to forget is that you can almost always earn those things by working hard for them. For example, let's say... you want a lightsaber. There's this really cool one you saw, but it's too expensive for you to afford. Then you see someone else with that lightsaber and you think, "Ugh, they're so spoiled. Their parents get them EVERYTHING they want." First of all, how do you know for sure that the kid didn't save up money and work his butt off with chores for months just to buy that one lightsaber? You're dismissing all of that work as being pure favoritism--spoiling. And even if their parents did get them that lightsaber, you can work to earn it, too. Let's say you don't have any hobbies whatsoever (just in case) you can at least blog about star wars and use AdCense (or is it AdSense?...) and earn money that way. See, so, my point is that there is no reason to be jealous. As to whether it's right or not, I'd say it's not right. Because a lot of times you're jealous of other people, it's because you can't muster up the perseverance and resilience to go through what they had to go through to earn that particular thing/skill. The most important thing, I think, is that whatever you are jealous of, you can do it, too. If you are willing to work for it. And if you are, all the sweeter the result.

If you don't have a blog, feel free to answer the question in the comments or answer it on your twitter/tumblr/facebook/myspace/whatever else! :)

You guys ROCK! WOOT!

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