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Any Fled

Feyland: The Dark Realm
By: Anthea Sharp
Source: Author
Release Date: 12/16/2011
Reported by: Julianna Helms


Feyland is the most immersive computer game ever designed, and Jennet Carter is the first to play the prototype. But she doesn’t suspect the virtual world is close enough to touch — or that she’ll be battling for her life against the Dark Queen of the faeries.


Tam Linn is the perfect hero — in-game. Too bad the rest of his life is seriously flawed. The last thing he needs is rich-girl Jennet prying into his secrets, insisting he’s the only one who can help her.


Together, Jennet and Tam enter the Dark Realm of Feyland, only to discover that the entire human world is in danger. Pushed to the limit of their abilities, they must defeat the Dark Queen… before it’s too late.

-Summary from Goodreads

With a fresh twist on the faery lore, Feyland: The Dark Realm will slowly find its way into your mind... and your heart. 

Anthea Sharp proves that self-publishing does not equate poor quality. The prose of Feyland is wonderfully simplistic and to-the-point, the novel is entirely polished, and absolutely enjoyable. I loved the characters--Tam, Jennet, Marny, heck, even The Bug. Jennet and Tam felt a bit generic at first, but after a while, they sprang to life in a sudden yet subtle way that I hadn't realized until the stakes tumbled over themselves in a dangerous hurry. And that's another thing I loved--the stakes don't drop, and Jennet and Tam know it. They're not trying to ignore it or deny it. They're straightforward and fight against it.

The only thing that kept me from full-on loving this novel was its predictability. Again, I have to clarify that I can guess plot twists really, really easily, so this could very well apply to only me. But I thought that there were a few directions Anthea could have taken a few plot points that didn't happen, and I was a bit disappointed by that. I also wish the secondary characters were a bit more developed--they had personalities, but were quite predictable as well.

Overall, though, I truly enjoyed this book. It's a fun novel that will fight for your attention--and succeed. I read it in one sitting. The plot will push you forward on this crazy rollercoaster of a ride, the romance is adorable and realistic, and the characters will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time--in an infinitely good way.

Forget that this is a faery book. It's more than that. It's the story of a girl, a boy, and their brilliant strength.

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P.S. Any Fled is an anagram of Feyland. That's right--this book has ANAGRAMS!

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