Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Join TeamKilt and Rule the World!

There's this phenomenon called #TeamKilt. It's the ultimate fan group for the incredible Jeri Smith-Ready, the gift of support and friendship unrivaled anywhere else, step after step of stepping stone helping you no matter where you want to go.

#TeamKilt is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. If you know me in real life (even though this totally is real life), you might think that I'm sad all the time. Just ask anyone who knows me. But #TeamKilt? #TeamKilt is the reason why I keep going, man. Here's a small secret: I spiraled into a really bad depression earlier this year and almost completely lost it. And then #TeamKilt, along with books, finally dragged me out. In truth, I owe #TeamKilt so much, but not the monetary or obligatory kind--the kind of owing that comes with so much love it sometimes hurts.

But this--this is not the time to be sentimental. Today I am here with a mission: to get you to vote for #TeamKilt. So please, head off to YA-Sisterhood right now and vote for Zachary Moore. 

Now you might be thinking: why should I vote for Zach when someone as amazing as Will is his opponent? That's a legitimately good question,and luckily, my amazingly eloquent friends Amy and Jen from Fictitious Delicious have solved that problem. Just read their advocate post and prepare to be wowed. Besides, Zach is from the Shade trilogy, and so compared to The Infernal Devices, well, underdogs gotta unite, yeah? :)

But. I, too, provide you with incentives. You can check out my good bud Karen (from For What It's Worth)'s #TeamKilt giveaway hop right now to enter even more jaw-droppingly fabulous prizes (if Zach gets 10,000 votes, Jeri is giving away a full manuscript critique! Even if you're not a writer, as a reader you can fully appreciate just how much Jeri loves her fans). I don't have much to offer since I just spent all the money I have for this month, but here it is:

-Prize #1: For every 300 votes Zachary receives, I will photoshop you, your spouse, or anybody you can find a full body shot of (gotta be sure that it's not against copyright for Creative Commons Use, though. If you're unsure, just ask me) into a kilt. 

So I know it's not that amazing, but alas. It's a kilt. Thus.... #TeamKilt. *sighs at self's terrible pun-ness*

-Prize #2: For every 1,000 votes Zachary gets, I will personally chat with you about WHATEVER it is you want to chat about (gotta be PG13 or under though, haha) for 15-30 minutes on Gmail. The chat can be set to private if you want and I promise I will never speak a word about its content unless you wish so otherwise.

You might think, why would I need to chat with you?!?! But see, I interned for a psychologist just a few years ago and I've been through the weirdest things (like, um, getting stuck in traffic with giant hippos and camels punching your door. Literally & seriously.) so I can probably help you on some level, whether it is letting you vent or brainstorm or whatever. :)

-Prize #3: If Zachary makes it to 10,000 votes, you get the option of receiving a) an original composition by moi, b) a full design--Keep that Dreamor c) your choice of something artistic (writing, paintings, etc.) that you want. As long as I don't have to spend money on it, I will happily comply. Critiques (even though you KNOW you want Jeri's, but yanno, a fresh set of eyes is a fresh set of eyes, and Jeri's probably sighing that I am sneaking in the light of her awesomeness again), custom avatars, whatever.

If you're wondering about my credentials, feel free to click on some of the links I've linked to above.

SO! GO VOTE FOR ZACHARY, leave a comment stating that you did--please do not cheat--and any tweets with links to them will be +1 entry! Please leave your twitter handle or email address so I can contact you if you win. NOW SPREAD THE WORD AND VOTE! :D
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  1. I VOTED!!!!! :) I just keep spamming you with comments, don’t I? Well at least this one is not about sparkly unicorns. Um. Wait I take that back.

  2. I voted!!!! This is such an awesome giveaway, too :)

    Go Zachary!! TeamKiltFTW


  3. I voted of course!!!
    #TeamKilt al the way!
    lis.krkmo5 at gmail dot com



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