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Top 10 Week #4: Best Book Boyfriends of 2012

Top 10 of 2012 is one week of bookish goodness hosted by the fantastic peeps at Two Chicks on Books, Fiktshun, Confessions of a Bookaholic, and Magical Urban Fantasy Reads! Every day from December 24th to December 28th, I'll have a Top 10 list up regarding to the day's topic. Today's topic is:

Best Book Boyfriends of 2012

In no particular order, here are the guys I swooned over and pretty much married in my 2012 career as a professional book boy addict:

1) Percy Jackson from The Mark of Athena 

That ending.
If you don't love Percy Jackson after reading that last scene... you... you have no emotions.

2) Hector from The Crown of Embers

So hey... there is going to be a lot of martyrs in this post, okay? Okay? You got that? Because you might cry when you remember all these beautiful lads. 
3) Sapphire (Saf) from Bitterblue

Po made my list last year This year it's Saf. Kristin Cashore, do you actually enjoy breaking my heart? Because I think you do. 
(my review)

4) Jared Lynburn from Unspoken 

Another sacrifice. This is just great. Well, dear boys that are reading this: looks like the way to impress a book girl's heart is to do some sort of insane sacrifice that completely breaks their heart.

5) Peter Pan from Tiger Lily

Look, The Last Airbender is my favorite TV show of all-time, okay?

So much fear and turmoil. So much love. So much freaking angst --> I weep like the storm.
(my review)

6) Rowan from Wanderlove

I read this book back in January and still beams quite a bit whenever Rowan is mentioned. Seems like I've got a case of wanderlove. Badly.
(my review)

7) Sam from Incarnate

What's up with fictional musicians named Sam? Why do I keep falling in love with them? When am I going to find one in real life? 
(my review)

8) Jack from Everneath

Holy crab. It's another bloody sacrifice. I can't take it anymore.
(my review)

9) Sean from The Lost Girl

(my review)

10) Ben from Unraveling

So sweet and scarred. Ack. It's darn impossible not to love that boy.
(my review)

So there you go. I had to leave out a bunch of people, but these are my top 10... out of the books that were released (and that I subsequently read) in 2012. Imagine if this wasn't limited to 2012... O.O The length. The impossibility. My goodness.

Who are some of YOUR favorite book boyfriends?
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  1. I meant to put Sean from The Lost Girl in my honorable mentions but I couldn't remember his name! I love Percy and Sam from Incarnate! I need to read Everneath and Girl of Fire and Thorns.
    My Top 10

  2. Nice picks! I'm still needing to read Girl of Fire and Thorns...I've seen it on a lot of lists this week.

  3. Great list! I'm terribly behind with Percy Jackson so I really need to catch up.

    My Top Ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  4. Oh yeah, Ben from Unraveling was something! I really liked him! Mysterious! :D Like it like it! :) Awesome list!
    Sorry for stopping by so late but I was so busy the past few days! :) Nice to be back! :)
    My Favourite book boyfriends <3


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