Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sweet Hope Cover Design Entry

Cover design, oh, cover design.

For those of you who know me--or, at least, kind of know me--you know I love designing. In fact, I love it so much that I made a business out of it. 'Cause, yanno. Do what you love, right?

So when I saw that the amazing Bewitched Bookworms (beautiful blog, btw) had a contest going on where the winner gets to have their own character in Sweet Hope, the sequel to the awesome Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins, I was like: YESH! SIGN ME UP!

Basically, I had to create a cover of Sweet Hope. And soon, it will be time to vote. So, if you don't mind, when the time comes, I hope you'll vote for mine! :)

Without further ado, here it is, my cover of Sweet Hope...

click on it for larger resolution
My vision: First off, you can see that I designed this in the way a complete paperback cover would look like. Cover, spine, back cover, etc. If I could, I would've included Wendy's bio on the back of the last page, but since there is no last page... Anyway! :) So if you can see, there are two pictures of Kaidan in Anna's figure. Those pictures, along with the butterfly, symbol memories and hope. The front cover is also very soft and delicate because, yanno, it's sweet hope. Lastly--and I have no idea if you can see this if you don't enlarge the picture--there are a few falling feathers to represent... you know.. fallen angels. ;)

I used some stock photos to piece together this design, all of which are referenced and credited on the back cover.

So yeah! If you like it, vote when the time comes, yeah? I have a feeling I'll need your help soon. :)
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