Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions {3}

Karen over at For What It's Worth, along with Tiger from All Consuming Books, started this new meme called Book Blogger Confessions. Basically, it's where they ask a question on alternating Mondays, and bloggers can respond/confess the behind-the-scenes work on blogging and such.

This week's question is: Social networking with authors: Do you interact on Twitter/Facebook/etc with authors? Does it affect how you review their work or do you look at their books differently because you're on friendly terms with them?

I, for one, certainly do love interacting with authors. In fact, I think Twitter is the best resource for that, and it provides such wonderful ways for readers and bloggers to get to know the author better and basically be awesome! :D It doesn't really change how I look at their books, though. Yes, I would definitely be more hopeful towards their books, but I would also not hesitate to give a book my honest rating. I might go in more optimistic, and add books that would've otherwise been neglected to my TBR list, though, as a result of these social exchanges, and that's always a good thing.

So, authors: I love being your friend! But please don't expect me to give your book a 5-star just because we talk regularly on Twitter. I wish I could give your book a 5-star, but I need to stick by honesty. We can still be friends, though! :D

So, what do YOU think about social networking with authors?

P.S. Wondering why this post is so short? Well, Jaime is getting on my case about reading Poison Study, and I really don't want to get on her bad side. :D


  1. We don't want to keep you from reading! lol

  2. I agree completely, I am more likely to pick up a book if I like what the author has to say via social media (and also less likely to pick up their book if they are an a*s on social media) but I will still review their book honestly.

    This is my first time visiting, and I have to say I love your blog design! :)

    Bonnie @ Hands and Home

  3. I love talking with the authors too , but I look at the book not the author :)

  4. @Karen hahaha too late! :D

    @Bonnie Oh thank you! :D I designed it myself. *bows* I designed it using Irene Alexeeva's awesome kit. :)

    @Julie First off, what an awesome name! ;D Thanks for stopping by!


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