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Hey everyone! I'm back from vacation, now, and I promise I'll get the Haven review done today. But before that happens, I need you guys to do me a favor.

In case you don't know yet, there's a YA Crush Tournament going on at the YA Sisterhood, and today is the FINAL ROUND! The FINAL ROUND!!!!!!! It's the showdown between the smoldering Jace Wayland and the PHENOMENAL Zachary Moore (from breathtaking Shade & Shift. See review here)! 

I want YOU to vote for ZACHARY MOORE! I know, I can hear you already. "But I love Jace!" I don't blame you--who doesn't love Jace (besides Sebastian)? But I need you to vote for Zach. Here are my reasons why:

1) This isn't just a contest of popularity. If it was, there would be no contest. Jace would win, hands down! But think about it: Zachary is LASTLY seeded. Jace is SECOND seeded. And yet, and yet, Zachary made it to the finals. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does. 

2) This isn't just a contest of boys. It's no longer a contest of just the boys. The STUNNING creator-ess of Zachary Moore, Jeri Smith-Ready, speaks on the topic more eloquently than I ever could here, but I'm going to sum it up. Zachary is advocated by the UNBELIEVABLE Amy and Jen from Fictitious Delicious. They went ABOVE and BEYOND in their duty more than 100%! They created a poem for the entire description of Zach, they made a VIDEO of my favorite lines of Zach that I'm telling you, it's better than a whole bunch of the professionally made trailer videos I see today. They got a speed ticket on their way to the library to vote for Zach. You might be thinking, "how careless is that?" But you're wrong. It shows loyalty, hope, and believing. It shows FAITH, it shows SUPPORT, it shows TEAM KILT. And although both boys are amazing, it is TEAM KILT, the whole team of supporters who went through so much to bring our lastly seeded boy to the FINAL ROUND. Vote for Team Kilt, for Amy and Jen, for all the others out there (so many, I can't possibly name you all!) who did so much and sacrificed so much for Zachary. Vote for them. 

3) There are incentives. Now, I know I've been talking very morally and emotionally, but who can ever forget about the INCENTIVES? The PRIZES?! Cassandra Clare IS giving away snippets if Jace wins, sure. BUT! BUT BUT BUT! Whether Zach wins or not, Jeri Smith-Ready and other awesome members of Team Kilt will be donating to the Tartan Army Children's Charity! They've already donated over $1200 since the tournament started. If you need more convincing, vote because the more votes, the more donations! YOU CAN HELP OUR FUTURE JUST BY VOTING. There are other incentives, and you can check the complete list here, but... IF ZACH WINS...
*nods head vigorously* UH HUH!  Now, I personally am not a very...big fan of... er... of, you know. But this is ZACHARY MOORE we're talking about here! SO VOTE VOTE VOTE (as if you need more reasons...)!

There are more reasons, of course, but those are the main three. For the sake of true loyalty, true support, true faith, and true excessive hotness, VOTE FOR ZACHARY MOORE! Here is the link to the tournament. 

I have a surprise for you... Comment on this post and share a link of you voting for Zach (or you can send me a picture that you can take with the Print Screen/Sys Rq button on your keyboard next to Scroll Lock, and then go on Paint and click paste and send the attachment to me at and if Zach wins, one lucky winner will get ANY one book of their choice that is under $20, not including tax! Shipped to anywhere in the US (sorry, I'm broke. Which is why I for some freakin' reason didn't contribute to the Tartan Army fund)! 

Last but not least... This probably isn't a big deal, but it's my way of contributing. Jeri Smith-Ready has promised to write the lyrics to Forever (Hey there, Logan fans!) if Zachary gets 5000 votes, and if she does that.... I will write the music to it. I know, you probably don't care for my music, so here's some of my musical achievements: 1) I won the 1st place prize in composition for piano in my branch. 2) I was enrolled and was considered scholarship to with this award-winning piano teacher BECAUSE of my composition. 3) (this isn't really an achievement, but...) I know Logan plays guitar, but I'm not that great at guitar. I know how to play it, but it's not my strong suit. Besides, I think a ballad on the piano would be nice, right? *crosses fingers* 

*Edited to add: Jeri has replied! We'll collaborate and bring Logan's Forever to life! WOOT! What are you waiting for?! If Zach wins, I'll be even more motivated! It'll be even BETTER (the song, I mean)! *


Some random stuff that you don't need to read, but should:

"I can't forget you, anymore than I can forget my own name."-Zachary Moore, Shift.

My own poem of dedication (I am no where near the finesse of the indelible Amy and Jen, but... I'm trying!)

Jace Wayland is the king of many,
His wit and humor is tantalizingly uncanny.
But Zachary Moore is clever and hot,
he will remain loyal no matter what.
Zach has that accent, the kilt and the red,
the red that will let you sleep soundly in bed.
Jace can slay demons and save the world,
but Zachary is the inner hero unfurled.
Zach will have faith, no matter what happens,
unlike Jace who yelled at Clary, so truthfully so it saddens.
They've both made mistakes, both are wonderful,
but Zachary and Team Kilt's faith is, in the end, unbeatable.



  1. You're going to write the music??? That is freaking awesome, girl!

    I voted like, a gajillion times. Go #TeamKilt !!!

  2. Thanks, Cyndi! Your entry has been counted!

  3. Hi! I am sending over a screenshot shortly (I hope it's what you are looking for?! it's the only one I have.. otherwise, I can send some of my tweets about it from last night.. :) I spent about 3 hours at the library voting for Zach yesterday evening!)

  4. Your entry has been counted! I'll do a blog post about this later on, but here's the deal: Zach didn't win, but I still think I should give out something, so, when I reach 50 followers, I'll automatically host a giveaway with you guys's entries TRIPLED. And that giveaway will have ARCs as well. Does that sound good?

  5. Hey everyone, this is really late, but... here is the link to the contest I mentioned in my previous comment!


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