Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiltgasm+Important news about Giveaway

Oh. Hey there! Fancy seeing you here.

So, as you guys know, the stunning Zachary Moore went against the superb Jace Wayland yesterday in the YA Crush Tournament Finals. I had promised that, if Zach wins, I will select one winner and send them a book of their choice under $20. 

Yeah, um, Zach didn't win.

BUT! Before you get all sad-faced, hear me out first. Zach was lastly seeded. He was in last place when the tournament started. But somehow, one tournament after the other, this swoon-worthy underdog came out victorious. He went from LAST place to SECOND place. Is that not amazing or what? But of course, this would not have been possible without the support of Team Kilt (count me in! But I think we all agree that the most credit goes to Amy & Jen of Fictitious Delicious)! In all of Jace's previous rounds, he won by at least SIXTY-FIVE percent. 

Guess what? Zach lost by LESS than 3000 votes! THREE percent!!!!!!!!

So, in honor of Zachary, and because I feel like I should give y'all who entered the giveaway something, I've come up with an alternative:

Spread the word. When I reach fifty followers, I will host a giveaway. The prize will either be an ARC or a book of YOUR CHOICE again, whichever YOU WANT. And just so you know, all of you lads who entered before? No need to re-enter (although you should probably leave a comment or email me at so I know you're interested in re-entering). I will give you guys TRIPLE the amount of entries. How does that sound? :)

AND, this is planning ahead, but... If I reach 100 followers by the end of the year, I will give away a PRIZE PACK. I have a good idea of what I'll be giving away, and YOUR CHOICE is part of the plan too. But until then...

Stay tuned! Spread the word!

P.S. That Matt Lewis pic up there? That's what Zachary looks like. Uh huh. But don't be sad you didn't vote for him... Vote for him NEXT year! Team Kilt FTW!


  1. Hullo! New follower here :)
    Fictitious Delicious tweeted about your blog and I just had to come support another #TeamKilt-er!

    Your blog is adorable. Happy reading!
    Marissa @ And many to read before I sleep

  2. Hey Marissa! Thank you so much for following--I'm glad you enjoy my blog. :)
    Man, I just love Amy & Jen! Haha, I'm still in shock that they even noticed my blog AT ALL.

    #TeamKilt FTW!!! :D


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