Friday, June 29, 2012

Finnick Fans, gather up ahoy!

First things first: I'm sorry for not updating this blog as much as I would like to--though, I did go to ALA and I've typed up the wrap-up post already. :) Now just got to format it and we're all good to go!

Second, but MUCH MORE important than the first thing... I'M FINNICK ODAIR'S ADVOCATE FOR THE YA CRUSH TOURNEY #2!!! Yes, THAT Finnick! The Finnick of Catching Fire and Mockingjay and who is basically the embodiment of awesome.

What does this mean? Well, the YA-Sisterhood's amazing girls (who are also fantastic friends) host this annual YA Crush Tourney, which basically is a tournament of fictional Young Adult boys. People nominate crushes, the top ones make it into the tournament, and battle lines are drawn. Essentially, what I really mean is that we all must vote for Finnick because 1) if you've read all the way to here (which admittedly isn't very far), you probably are a Finnick Fan, and 2) Finnick is crushable as HECK. And I don't mean crushable as in being able to be crushed... I mean crushable as in


BOTTOM LINE: WHEN THE TIME COMES, I WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR FINNICK ODAIR! I will put a link, do an advocate post, have pretty buttons, grant awesome incentives, annnnnd I've got Finnick, so there really ARE NO REASONS for you to NOT vote for Finnick.

So, how do can you help? The easiest way is by making these buttons your Twitter avatars, Facebook profile pictures, buttons on your blog, and I will edit this post later with Facebook covers for you to use, too! now I've got Facebook covers for you, too!

Facebook cover:

Profile pictures/Twitter avaters/other uses:

Vote for Finnick!

Vote for Finnick!

Vote for Finnick!

Vote for Finnick!

Vote for Finnick!

As you can tell from the last button (and yes, that is a picture of a guy who looks like Finnick to me in the background), the official Twitter hashtags we will be using are: #FinnickFanatics, #FinnickForFirst, #TeamFinnick, and #YACrushTourney. As you can also tell, the first round of the tournament for Finnick is on July 13th!

Let's reiterate that:

JULY 13th! Rally your friends! Your family! Your co-workers! Your schoolmates! Your cat! RALLY THEM ALL! Finnick will be going against Kaidan from Sweet Evil, so y'all know that we gotta get our heads focused on the Game, yeah? (bad pun intended)

And that's it for now! E-mail me at thereviewsnews(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet me @JustJuliHelms if you have any questions!

P.S. If you love Finnick, spread the word and I need your help, too! Ahoy mateys! Let us join and pretend to be pirates because they have something to do with the sea and you know Finnick loves the sea FIGHT FOR FINNICK! (alliteration awesomeness!)
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  1. That is sooo awesome! I love me some Finnick. I'm advocating Archer, so unless the two of them end up in a match to the death--I mean, a match in the tournament, I'll be voting for Finnick as well <3


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