Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why basically I am going to SUCK for the next few days

Hey there!

Fancy seeing ya! Wait, why aren't you talking to me? *pokes blogosphere* *panics* What did I do??? Oh yeah...

I've been, well, absent.

'Tis true, folks. Juli cannot keep to a schedule at all. In fact, pretty sure she can't even fit in "write an actual schedule" in her "schedules." In mine, rather.

Sorry, y'all. I'm typing this quite late at my night and my brain's just fuzzy as heck.

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that while you may hate me, I still love you! :) I'm so sorry for being absent, but I've had so much schoolwork and such that I've completely gone insane with what I have to do, and blogging, though I did already write up so reviews, just had to be held back until I can find balance.

I promise I will keep reviewing and such, of course, but posting will be sporadic (as always) and they might not be exactly punctual. I'm so sorry! D:

Will ya please stick around? 
The Reviews News


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Thanks for stopping by!

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